The Way Station’s Pathways to Independence helped Tifiney lay down some of her bricks and enabled her to create a better path.

Before joining Pathways, Tifiney carried the tyranny of the moment. She was stuck on a tilt-a-whirl of poverty that she could not escape. Pathways helped Tifiney to lay down that brick and begin to create something new.

She’s starting her own business. She has a new outlook on life, on people, and HERSELF! Not only has she met her goals, but she has also become a mentor to others on their journey.

The reality is that we all have bricks we carry. Some are light, and some are heavy. We acquire some bricks at birth and others we collect on our own. Some bricks are taken, and some are earned. Some bricks break, crack or crumble along the way due to life’s challenges.

We all have bricks. Sometimes our load may be lighter and more bearable than other times. Sometimes we can run and sometimes walk. At other times we can barely crawl.

Please donate this week to The Way Station, Inc. and help someone turn their bricks into a path.