When you near the doors of the Columbiana Way Station you are faced with a fence to the left of you, that fence houses the Way Station garden. This year’s gardening season will mark the third year for this Way Station project and what we hope will be the most fruitful one to date. As we near the gardening season we are looking to recruit passionate gardeners and newcomers alike to cultivate the 7 4×4 foot long raised garden plots we have available.

We encourage garden newcomers as we have garden masters to help everyone along as the season progresses. Last year newcomer, Cindy, took over a plot and was pleasantly pleased when her lima beans grew to surpass the height of the fence! She had this to say of her gardening experience, “it was great! It was awesome to see the whole process. Before I did the garden I didn’t think I could grow anything because I tried to take over my mom’s plants and I killed them in a month but through the garden, I learned that I can grow things!”

In addition to learning how to garden, collecting all the produce one grows, and getting a chance to meet new people, one could also attend Garden Church. Garden Church happens once a week in the garden

and is just a time to spend learning about Christ and in fellowship with one another. The attendance of Garden Church is not required but it is always an option.

We are eager to welcome newcomers and excited at a new season of learning and growing together. Contact Ellen at the Way Station to sign-up for a garden plot today!