The third year, 2019, of the Hope Community Garden brought a new set of gardeners. They came for many reasons but all contributed to a colorful tapestry of growing plants and budding friendships. Where one grower brought gardening skills from his native Pakistan; one brought a life-time of growing tomato transplants from a local farmer; one 25-year-old man brought no garden experience but a determined and eager learning spirit; one gardener joined us mid-season to celebrate her return to the community (garden alumnus Cindy and friends had planted and cared for her space to greet her with crops already in production); one disciplined grower rode in on her bicycle in from home several days a week to give her space—and other ones—great care; and one 94-year-old living in a nearby condo faithfully watered the beds through a summer dry spell.

Our alumnus, Cindy M., continued her productive ways with climbing beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil. She how knows how to create tall vertical trellis structures to provide a skyward foundation for her plants when they stretch upward over her head.  She was in charge of one of eight raised-bed garden areas, each one four feet by four feet for a total of 16 square feet.

By using our version of “square-foot gardening,” each grower starts by selecting crops that interest them and learning how to draw out a planting map that will allow proper space when their crops are mature. Starting on paper requires a little discipline but pays off in a big way. Properly placed plants perform well without crowding our neighboring crops or being disadvantaged by larger crops near-by.

Who wants to garden in 2020? No experience required. We garden together. Gardener Greg provides any help necessary from sketching to pest control to knowing when to pick. If you’re worried about committing to a long growing season, don’t fret Greg’s thought of that too. Sign up for a shorter growing season phase and if you want to stay for the whole season, that would be great too.

Phase 1: Short Season (now through July 4th –about 42 days)
  • Plant and harvest (pick and choose as you wish): Crops from seed- Radishes, Spinach, Cilantro Crops from transplants-Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Basil, Dill
Phase 2: Medium Season (now through Labor Day/Sept. 7th — about 120 days)
  • Plant anything
Phase 3: Full Season (now through Halloween/Oct. 15 –about 150 days)
  • Plant anything. Help with putting garden “to bed.”