There are some people who become a part of The Way Station and have a lasting impact. Bubba (Eric) Evans was one of those people.

When he first came to work at The Way Station, he did not want to be here. He was working to earn cash assistance. He was miserable. He was miserable to himself and he was miserable to those around him. He was contrary at every turn.

But, as is often the case, Bubba began to change. God was working in his life and he began to understand that God cared for him and The Way Station cared for him. He shifted from ‘able but not willing’ to ‘able and willing’. He participated in job training and eventually started working outside of The Way Station.  

Even though Bubba no longer needed financial assistance, he was still a part of us. He would come to volunteer and his infectious laugh would fill the building. It is because of Bubba’s prodding that we started our weekly Bible Study. He always had questions and always wanted to dig deeper. In December of 2017 we celebrated Bubba’s baptism.

Bubba passed away two months ago. We were heartbroken and miss him terribly, but during his time on earth, he loved well. His last words to his family were words of love and his last words to those of us at The Way Station were words of love.

We are thankful for the growth that took place in Bubba’s life and thankful to have been a part of it.  Support of the Way Station means offering a life-changing helping hand.