Most of us have experienced antagonists in our life. Crippling, belittling, energy sucking people or objects in our life. Anything that takes our time, confidence or peacefulness and renders it near useless is a contender for your worth. Worth that can be established only by you. No one else gets to decide your worth no matter how hard they try. 

This whole establishing your own worth thing renders tricky once you have acquired several contenders in your life that steer you from your true worth or even the time, energy and effort of figuring it out. 

Samantha, a mother of four boys and a Pathways program participant, knew she had contenders in her life and hoped that Pathways could help her get ahead of those contenders even if it was just one step at a time.

Pathways enabled Samantha to gain tools that would contribute to her being able to establish her own self worth and therefore her time and energy. Samantha set goals, set boundaries for herself and others and acknowledged her need for some cheerleaders in her life. Advocates, supporters, defenders and friends. People to stand by her and encourage her. Build her up while also helping her lay down some unnecessarily heavy bricks she was carrying and continue building her path. 

Samantha has started her own business and still holds tight to the cheerleaders, the friends, that she and her children have both made at Pathways because she decides her worth. She decides her cheerleaders.

Who are your cheerleaders?

Can you be a cheerleader for the next Samantha coming through Pathways? 

The answer: you’re never too old to be a cheerleader!