We’ve been organizing a Community Thanksgiving Feast for so long we’ve lost track of the years. This year the meal takes place Wednesday, November 27th at Saint Jude Church, 180 7th St. Columbiana, with the meal beginning at 1:00 pm. The meal is a time for people to come together, be merry, be thankful, and realize that they are indeed part of a community that cares. The meal begins with prayer and ends with all hands on deck to clean-up. Diners get serenaded by members of The Crown Theater and are served by local “celebrities.” The meal comes together through the generosity of local churches, businesses, and community members. On top of serving those who come and claim a seat, shut-ins can call and have meals delivered to their door in addition to providing people with the option of taking their food to go.

We request that diners please call The Way Station at 330-482-5072 to RSVP for the meal which allows us to plan accordingly.

If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation please call us. We have need for people to cook turkeys, deliver food, pick-up donations, prepare to-go meals, clean-up, and much more!