Change is hard

At times we all struggle with who we are, but this struggle is particularly acute when faced with a new opportunity. It is all too easy to stay in the known, no matter how miserable the known is. Women sometimes stay in abusive relationships. People struggle with unhealthy habits. Many stick with the status quo.

Relationally it is sometimes easier to just be alone than think of what might happen if we choose vulnerability and let others in our space. Is it worth leaving our comfortable misery? Can I live without my shield of bitterness? How can I forgive? Is it safe to trust anyone?

It takes a lot of effort to become someone new, and sometimes the effort is worth it. It is worth letting go of the bricks that are weigh you down and choose a new path.

Change is easier among friends

To move forward on your path also means the choice of community in a world where many choose to be alone. Some people are alone because they think they don’t have a choice. Others might say they aren’t a people person.  Some people feel alone in a crowd. If we can grasp that we do need other people and that we rely on them whether we realize it or not then we can find the balance we need to actually be a healthy functioning person.

Other people create the clothes we wear, the food we often eat, that tv we watch. The very screen you are reading this off of right now was put into place by someone else and came across a multitude of hands to be able to get into yours. If you can recognize the need for beneficial interactions with others is allow yourself the opportunity to open doors, pursue opportunities, accept constructive criticism and reevaluate who you are, you can transform into who you want to be.

I am a part of the change

Whether hoping to not be alone anymore or just discovering they didn’t have to be alone, all the participants of Pathways have made friends. When you realize you don’t have to be alone and that there are people who will not only help you shed your bricks to build your path but also be there to help reestablish what is left of yourself…..that is called hope. So the answer to the question, is it possible to let go of all you’ve been and become someone new?

Yes…if you have hope.

And that is why I gave to the Pathways program. It is my opportunity to give hope for others to discover the strength and build pathways. Together we can help unfold the future for generations to come as we give hope and create new pathways.

Give hope? Yes please, I’ll take it!

Most of us have experienced antagonists in our life. Crippling, belittling, energy sucking people or objects in our life. Anything that takes our time, confidence or peacefulness and renders it near useless is a contender for your worth. Worth that can be established only by you. No one else gets to decide your worth no matter how hard they try. 

This whole establishing your own worth thing renders tricky once you have acquired several contenders in your life that steer you from your true worth or even the time, energy and effort of figuring it out. 

Samantha, a mother of four boys and a Pathways program participant, knew she had contenders in her life and hoped that Pathways could help her get ahead of those contenders even if it was just one step at a time.

Pathways enabled Samantha to gain tools that would contribute to her being able to establish her own self worth and therefore her time and energy. Samantha set goals, set boundaries for herself and others and acknowledged her need for some cheerleaders in her life. Advocates, supporters, defenders and friends. People to stand by her and encourage her. Build her up while also helping her lay down some unnecessarily heavy bricks she was carrying and continue building her path. 

Samantha has started her own business and still holds tight to the cheerleaders, the friends, that she and her children have both made at Pathways because she decides her worth. She decides her cheerleaders.

Who are your cheerleaders?

Can you be a cheerleader for the next Samantha coming through Pathways? 

The answer: you’re never too old to be a cheerleader!


The Way Station’s Pathways to Independence helped Tifiney lay down some of her bricks and enabled her to create a better path.

Before joining Pathways, Tifiney carried the tyranny of the moment. She was stuck on a tilt-a-whirl of poverty that she could not escape. Pathways helped Tifiney to lay down that brick and begin to create something new.

She’s starting her own business. She has a new outlook on life, on people, and HERSELF! Not only has she met her goals, but she has also become a mentor to others on their journey.

The reality is that we all have bricks we carry. Some are light, and some are heavy. We acquire some bricks at birth and others we collect on our own. Some bricks are taken, and some are earned. Some bricks break, crack or crumble along the way due to life’s challenges.

We all have bricks. Sometimes our load may be lighter and more bearable than other times. Sometimes we can run and sometimes walk. At other times we can barely crawl.

Please donate this week to The Way Station, Inc. and help someone turn their bricks into a path.


Columbiana Camp Director Ellen

Tammy and some of the East Liverpool staff

Hi, my name is Ellen and I’m the Columbiana Camp Director for the GLOW, Girls Leading Our World, program that is running throughout the 2019 summer. This is Tammy, she is the East Liverpool Camp Director for the same program. GLOW is a FREE NO BOYS ALLOWED program, it’s solely being organized and led by women for girls between the ages of 10-15 living in Columbiana County.

The program begins with camp! Camp kicks off on June 17th and ends on June 21st. Every day camp is held from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm with lunch provided for each camper. The great thing about GLOW 2019 is that the fun doesn’t end on June 21st! For the next 8 weeks, GLOW will morph into once a week club meetings where we will continue to explore what we started during camp.

So what is GLOW all about anyway? The main goal of GLOW is to help girls develop a positive sense of self and self-esteem. Over the duration of camp and club, we will do this by engaging the girls in meaningful arts & crafts, games, guest speakers, self-reflection, and guided conversation.

Camp and club in Columbiana will be held at the Upper Room Fellowship whereas GLOW in East Liverpool will be held at the Northside Church.

To learn more or register a girl for GLOW please contact Ellen for the Columbiana location at 330-482-5072 and Tammy for the East Liverpool location at 330-932-0353.

Funding provided by CCDJFS

Starting Monday, April 1st The Way Station will begin registering participants for a 4-session inspirational Christian group focused on gaining control over fear, worry, and anxiety.

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When you near the doors of the Columbiana Way Station you are faced with a fence to the left of you, that fence houses the Way Station garden. This year’s gardening season will mark the third year for this Way Station project and what we hope will be the most fruitful one to date. As we near the gardening season we are looking to recruit passionate gardeners and newcomers alike to cultivate the 7 4×4 foot long raised garden plots we have available.

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In December of 2018 Columbiana County ranked 37th of 88 Ohio counties for unemployment, with 5.4 percent of residents out of work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Navigating the process to go from unemployed to gainfully employed can be daunting and confusing for many. To help people confidently navigate these waters The Way Station is partnering with local business owners and the Lisbon Municipal Courthouse to offer a 5 week 10 session workshop starting on March 6th to help people who are either unemployed or underemployed seek and retain gainful employment.

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Poverty isn’t just some obscure concept… It impacts you (and the people you come in contact with) every single day, whether you realize it or not.

Inherently, poverty is about the inability to meet basic needs. It has no one single cause and its effects are different for each and every instance.

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The Way Station Wins $50,000 Worth of Services from iSynergy

Youngstown, OH: The Way Station was announced as the winner of iSynergy’s second annual Digital Boost contest, giving the Columbiana County-based nonprofit up to $50,000 worth of marketing services over the course of one year. Digital Boost was open to any nonprofit headquartered in Columbiana, Mahoning or Trumbull County in Ohio and Beaver, Lawrence or Mercer County in Pennsylvania, and the winner was chosen via popular vote from a social media campaign that took place throughout July 2018.

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